List of Average Agents

Survey of Damage

A surveyor is an independent third party hired by Codan to document the nature of an incident and the extent of damage to the Insured’s vessel and any other property struck by that ship whether it be fixed or floating such as ship, pier, dolphin, buoy etc. At all times, please contact the Hull Underwriters to ensure that a survey of the damaged object is conducted, also for survey of the third party property. Please note that if the collision liability is resting with the P&I insurers, please contact P&I for survey of the third party property.

If, for any reason, a surveyor is unable to inspect the damage, the ship’s Master should take sufficient photographs of the damage, prepare a detailed drawing, fully document the incident, and report any earlier damage.

In some cases, casualty claims can effect several policies. Hull, LOH and P&I insurers should therefore be notified separately. It is not uncommon for the lead hull and loss of hire insurers to perform a joint survey of the damage. This way, the insurers can agree on a solution that not only satisfies both insurers, but can also help the Ship Owners to reduce expenses should Class-imposed repairs prove necessary in order for the vessel to resume trading.


Worldwide Network

Codan has an extensive, worldwide net of hull surveyors that can assist in case of damage. For further contact information, please read the List of Average Agents.

If, for some reason, contact with the Hull Underwriters is not established, ensure that our Average Agent at the port is notified promptly of the accident, even in case of minor damage, and please provide full reports, log extracts, Master’s report relating to the incident and in case of engine damage also the Chief Engineer’s report. The quicker we are notified, the quicker we can act to protect your interests.

In ports where we are not represented and no reference is given, please contact nearest representative in the same country. Otherwise apply to Lloyd’s agency.

In case of accident, please also refer to our Claim Advice and Instruction.